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Weight Loss

Many women struggle with weight loss because much of the advice out there online and on TV may not be an effective weight loss strategy. Dr. Patricia Modad, MD, at Palm Coast OB GYN in Palm Coast, Florida, is an expert on the science of weight loss and nutrition. Dr. Modad understands how the body absorbs nutrients, stores fat, and loses fat. This understanding helps her create customized weight-loss plans to help you lose the weight and keep it off. You can succeed at weight loss if you have the right information and support. Call the office or request an appointment at the link above today.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why is weight loss hard?

Weight loss can be challenging because most weight-loss plans focus on calories, encouraging you to eat fewer calories than you burn. Yes, eating less and moving more are important parts of any weight-loss plan, but weight loss may not be as simple as changing your calorie equation.

Dr. Modad is an expert in weight loss and nutrition. She understands how the body absorbs nutrients, stores fat, and loses fat and she knows that not all calories are equal. 

You may absorb more calories eating some foods than others. This is because some foods tell the body to release more insulin, which tells the body to absorb more of the sugar from what you eat. Eating a 100-calorie doughnut, for example, may cause more weight gain than a 100-calorie orange.

In addition to calories, weight loss can be difficult because you have a unique physiology and microbiome, which affects how your body responds to certain foods and diets. No single diet works for all. While your friend may lose weight following one type of diet, you might gain weight following the same plan.

What can I expect during a weight-loss consultation?

You can expect compassionate care during your weight-loss consultation at Palm Coast OB GYN. Dr. Modad takes a holistic approach to health, focusing on your physical, emotional, and social well-being. 

She asks detailed questions about your weight history and struggles and your usual diet and exercise habits. Dr. Modad may also reviews your medical history and performs a physical exam. 

She may run lab work to confirm or rule out any underlying medical issues that may affect your weight loss success.

What weight loss strategies can help me lose weight?

Dr. Modad uses many strategies to help you reach your weight goals. One of the most effective strategies she uses is customization. She creates a weight-loss plan that matches your physiology and microbiome so you can lose the weight and keep it off.

Dr. Modad also focuses on critical details rather than glossing over them. Making small changes can lead to dramatic results. Some of the strategies she teaches include:

  • How to the timing of your meals affects weight loss
  • How drinking coffee can help you absorb fewer calories
  • How adding lemon juice to your meals may help you lose weight
  • How not drinking enough water slows down your weight loss 

Providing you with these focused tools and strategies can help you reach your weight goals. 

Schedule an appointment with the expert in weight loss and nutrition by call our office or requesting an appointment at the link above today!