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Annual GYN Exam

Your annual exam is the most important health appointment of the year, assessing your current health and risk of future health problems. At Palm Coast OB GYN in Palm Coast, Florida, Dr. Patricia Modad, MD, takes a holistic approach to women’s health. Dr. Modad’s annual exams are comprehensive, evaluating all aspects of your health, including your social, emotional, and physical well-being. For compassionate care from a physician who listens to your needs and concerns, call the office or request an appointment at the link above today.

Annual GYN Exam Q & A

What is an annual exam?

At Palm Coast OB GYN, Dr. Modad’s annual exam is a comprehensive evaluation of your whole health. Taking a holistic approach to care, Dr. Modad not only focuses on your physical health but your social and emotional health as well.  

Your annual exam is the most important exam of the year. This appointment allows Dr. Modad to fully evaluate your overall health and well-being, assessing your current health issues and needs and your risk of future health problems.

One thing we love to hear is that our patients appreciate the time and attention Dr. Modad gives them.

What can I expect during an annual exam?

The specifics of your annual exam depend on your age and health needs. You only see Dr. Modad during your yearly exam, not a nurse, physician's assistant, or midwife. She performs the exam, discusses your concerns, and provides any needed treatment. 

Dr. Modad provides a safe and compassionate place for you to express your needs and concerns. She wants to empower you, especially when it comes to your sexual health, encouraging you to be open and honest about everything so she can provide the most effective care. 

Dr. Modad reviews your medical and family history, menstrual cycle, and lifestyle habits. She then performs a physical, pelvic, and breast exam.

After your exam, Dr. Modad spends time talking to you about your health, providing recommendations to maintain or improve your health and prevent future health problems. These may include birth control to manage a gynecological condition or bioidentical hormone therapy to ease symptoms of menopause. 

Do I need any tests during an annual exam?

Dr. Modad may perform several screening tests during your annual exam. The testing you need depends on your age, current health concerns, and health risks. 

Testing might include:

  • Pap smear
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) screening
  • Mammogram
  • Blood test to screen for health conditions like diabetes
  • Blood test to assess hormone levels in women approaching menopause
  • Bone density test to screen for osteoporosis

If Dr. Modad has concerns about a gynecological condition, she may request that you undergo an ultrasound test, a noninvasive imaging test that lets her see your reproductive organs.

Don’t put off your annual exam. Call Palm Coast OB GYN or request an appointment at the link above today.